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Don’t Make These Mistakes As A Commercial Real Estate Tenant!

Commercial Real Estate in Dallas Texas

In the extremely competitive commercial real estate market, every tenant client working with business real estate services hopes for rapid negotiations.  Any company wants to conclude the search for a new location so they can begin the moving process as soon as possible. In reality, it is important [...]

Why You Must Let Your Tenant Rep Deal With Landlord Notices!

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

Tenant reps play a vital role in helping businesses get the right commercial lease at the right rate and under the best possible leasing conditions. The role of the tenant rep does not stop after the paperwork is signed and a company moves into their leased space. An [...]

A Closer Look Of The Role Of A Tenant Rep!

Tenant Representation in Dallas Texas

Most companies understand that commercial leases are different than any other type of real estate and requires the assistance of experienced brokers. Still, some may not fully understand that tenant representation is essential to help them get the best leasing deal possible. Without the experience of a reputable [...]

Why Tenant Reps Look At A Landlord’s Financial Security!

Tenant Reps in Dallas Texas

Finding a suitable commercial space to lease can be a real challenge for some companies and their tenant reps. So much is involved in actually finding the perfect space: negotiating with landlords; going through a credit check; building improvements; and the cost of business relocation. It is no [...]

Why Is Office Space Density Important?

office space services in dallas texas


In order to obtain an efficient office lease, everything must be carefully calculated from rent and business expenses to how much space is necessary to provide for a sufficient work area. One important thing that office space services use to help a company estimate the size of [...]

Frisco, Texas office market on fire, prairie to concrete jungle, tenant reps dancing!

Amazing how much can change has occurred in the Frisco Plano North Dallas office leasing market in only 10 years. These changes really keep your favorite office tenant rep on his toes. Not too long ago there were fields and cows grazing in what is now Jerry’s World North. The new Omni Hotel is now topped out and about 50% complete. Who would have thought we’d see this in our time. From prairie to major force in the DFW office leasing market. Pioneers like Hall Office Park are being joined by many new developments, […]

Why Look At Your Rent to Revenue Office Lease Ratio?


Doing business successfully requires that a company bring in more revenue than what goes out in expenses. An office building lease is a major expense and a rent to office lease ratio is something that must be carefully considered in good lease planning to ensure a cost-effective [...]

Best Ways To Make Informed Office Leasing Choices!


Leasing office space is a complicated affair that usually requires experienced commercial real estate services to help with the negotiation process. A company and the office lease service they hire to help with the office lease mediation process must carefully consider what is being offered in order to [...]

What Are Commercial Tenant Firms Vs. Landlord Firms


For the company looking to lease office space, there are generally a number of commercial brokerage firms available in any bigger city, but which one is the right one? Although many real estate companies may advertise the fact that they are larger and deal with many more [...]

Warehouse Space – Changing Commercial Real Estate Needs!


In today's world of technological advancements, companies are finding more efficient, high-tech ways of doing business. Those who need warehouses realize these buildings are more than just a space to store their products and supplies. These buildings are actually a place where a company's supply chains exists. This means [...]