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Tenant Reps Can Help You Learn About Office Leases!


Understanding commercial real estate leases is complicated and confusing, yet crucial in order to get the best deal in a lease situation. Helping companies understand office lease contracts is an important part of what tenant representatives do for their clients. Without the ability to fully comprehend the [...]

Tenant Representatives – Negotiating Your Next Office Lease!

Leasing commercial office space is nothing at all like leasing any other type of property. There are many extra details involved in successful commercial lease negotiations, which many business owners have no experience handling. Without a thorough understanding of current leasing trends, a business runs the risk of [...]

Tenant Reps Help Avoid Tenant Improvement Problems!

When negotiating a commercial office lease, one of the many concerns that must be carefully handled is tenant improvements. Agreeing on improvements, and ensuring they are completed, can turn even the most friendly negotiation into a strained one. This is one of the most important reasons why a business should work with experienced tenant representatives when leasing commercial office space. Tenant reps can […]