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Find The Best Commercial Contractor For Tenant Improvements!

Tenant Representatives in Dallas Texas,

When you are planning improvements on leased space, you need to work with a commercial contractor who delivers quality work and has experience in this type of situation. One of the best ways you can find a contractor is by working with tenant representatives. Tenant reps offer many [...]

Tenant Reps Help Divert Common Commercial Lease Tricks!

tenant representation in dallas texas


When the time comes to renew an office lease, some commercial landlords try to boost their profits at the expense of the tenant. Some of the ways landlords attempt to accomplish this is by offering perceived savings that in the long run, do not actually save the [...]

What Are Commercial Tenant Firms Vs. Landlord Firms


For the company looking to lease office space, there are generally a number of commercial brokerage firms available in any bigger city, but which one is the right one? Although many real estate companies may advertise the fact that they are larger and deal with many more [...]

Why Does My Company Need A Tenant Rep?


When the time comes to look for a commercial space to lease, it is important for a business to work with successful tenant representatives who can help them find the perfect building! Commercial leasing, and the process involved in a successful lease negotiation, can be quite complex. [...]

The Need for One-On-One Commercial Tenant Reps!


Commercial lease negotiations can be complicated, which is why working with experienced tenant representatives is important. These commercial real estate brokers work on behalf of tenant’s, providing much needed knowledge, experience and guidance. Most agents offer services to either the landlord or the tenant, depending on the [...]

Tenant Representatives – Negotiating Your Next Office Lease!

Leasing commercial office space is nothing at all like leasing any other type of property. There are many extra details involved in successful commercial lease negotiations, which many business owners have no experience handling. Without a thorough understanding of current leasing trends, a business runs the risk of [...]