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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – What Are Their Duties?

Commercial real estate in Dallas Texas


One of the most important assets that a company looking to buy or lease commercial real estate can access are commercial real estate brokers. Commercial brokers are vital in helping clients find the best commercial property and close a successful deal. Considering the many duties they perform, if you [...]

Commercial Real Estate – Looking at Virtual Reality!

Commercial Real Estate in Dallas Texas

Searching for the right office space can be time consuming and exhausting. Between looking through countless photos of listings to find some to look at in person to actually going to the places to see if they are suitable, finding the perfect office lease can be quite a feat. [...]

What Is The 2017 Outlook For Dallas Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial Real Estate in Dallas Texas

Profitable investing in commercial real estate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area requires a careful look at current investment trends and the outlook entering into a new year. Based on a strong end to 2016, those interested in commercial office space and other commercial investments can hopefully look forward to [...]

Commercial Real Estate – Lease Negotiation Obstacles!

Commercial Real Estate in Dallas Texas

One of the biggest challenges in commercial real estate is negotiating a deal that is agreeable to both the lessee and the lessor. It is in these negotiations that unskilled companies can really lose their chance at a preferred property and why most choose to work with an [...]

Types of Industrial Warehouse Space – Which Is Best For You?

Commercial Real Estate in Dallas Texas

The commercial real estate industry deals in various types of non-residential property including warehouse and industrial space. Leasing a facility such as this may seem fairly straightforward; however, there are many different types of space for companies to consider. To best suit their needs, companies in search of real [...]

Don’t Make These Mistakes As A Commercial Real Estate Tenant!

Commercial Real Estate in Dallas Texas

In the extremely competitive commercial real estate market, every tenant client working with business real estate services hopes for rapid negotiations.  Any company wants to conclude the search for a new location so they can begin the moving process as soon as possible. In reality, it is important [...]

How to Know When Your Company Needs New Office Space!


There are many different reasons why a company may think about relocating rather than renewing their office space lease. The commercial real estate market is constantly changing, and although some changes do not warrant the cost and effort of relocation, others do. Whether a move may be warranted [...]

Commercial Real Estate – What Is Meant By An Effective Rental Rate?


When leasing commercial real estate, one of the main factors to look at is the cost of that space. A company must analyze their financial situation to determine how much they can pay for space, and what they need to have for that money. One important idea [...]

Commercial Real Estate 2016 – What Is Trending?


Trends occur in everything from clothing styles to new car features. In commercial real estate, trends relate to populations, popular lease options, and what amenities and important qualities customers are looking for in properties to lease. This year, commercial real estate brokers are already seeing some trends [...]

Commercial Real Estate – What Is Rentable vs. Useable Space?


The leasing of commercial office space can be a complicated process. In negotiating square footage and rental rates, one of the more challenging things that commercial real estate brokers work with - and that tenants must understand before their lease will make sense to them - is the [...]