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Look To Tenant Reps Before Your Company Relocates!

Tenant Reps in Dallas Texas

Relocating your company, whether to a new building in the same city or any city, can be stressful and disruptive to any business. Fortunately, you can make the move easier by working with a tenant representatives company. Chances are you have already had tenant reps help you with the [...]

Pros and Cons Of A Commercial Sublease!

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

Subleasing is when a company signs a commercial lease for office space that is already leased to another company. Commercial office sublease are common when tenants have more space than they need, but do not want to permanently downsize or give up this space. Although a sublease that is [...]

Travel insurance

Interesting article about travel insurance for those intrepid globetrotters on adventure trips. You make all that money and decide to travel on the extreme scale so be prepared in case of emergency. Not much to do with CRE but interesting nonetheless.

Check out this article for more info.

Top Reasons To Use Tenant Reps During Lease Negotiations!

Tenant Reps in Dallas Texas

The world of commercial leasing can be complicated. Getting what you need and getting the most for your rent requires skillful and experienced negotiation. Rather than leaving these critical negotiations to chance, your best option is to work with a tenant representatives company. Tenant reps play a critical [...]

Commercial Real Estate – Looking at Virtual Reality!

Commercial Real Estate in Dallas Texas

Searching for the right office space can be time consuming and exhausting. Between looking through countless photos of listings to find some to look at in person to actually going to the places to see if they are suitable, finding the perfect office lease can be quite a feat. [...]

Commercial Tenant Relocation – Should I Stay or Leave?

Tenant Reps in Dallas Texas

When your commercial lease is coming to an end and you must decide whether to renew or look elsewhere, it is important to work with a tenant reps firm that can help you carefully analyze your circumstances.

Naturally, if the space no longer suits your needs, you may [...]

Things to Consider If Your Company Needs To Expand!

Commercial Office Space in Dallas Texas

Are you outgrowing your commercial office space? If so, congratulations on the growth of your business! Before you allow this expansion to prevent even further growth, first determine whether your current commercial office lease is properly serving you or if some changes are in order.

Consider the various options [...]

Find The Best Commercial Contractor For Tenant Improvements!

Tenant Representatives in Dallas Texas,

When you are planning improvements on leased space, you need to work with a commercial contractor who delivers quality work and has experience in this type of situation. One of the best ways you can find a contractor is by working with tenant representatives. Tenant reps offer many [...]

Healthcare problem solved…well maybe?

A great article that may hold the answer to fixing the on-going healthcare problem. Obamma care is dying and there is no hope for repair. Maybe Dr. Morhaim has the answer!

The great health care debate continues. But two key structural problems are never mentioned. Instead of looking [...]

What Is The Current Industrial Space Market in Dallas?

Industrial Space in Dallas Texas

The commercial real estate market in the Dallas/Fort Worth area has been seeing record demand over the last few years, making this area one of the most competitive commercial markets in the country.

Industrial space and warehouses currently lead local and national demand, with the last quarter of [...]